How to set SMART goals for your marketing of healthcare in 2021

  • Attract your practise to more patients
  • Improve the online accuracy of health information
  • Drive website traffic to your site
  • Managed an awareness programme for diseases
  • Establish authority and reputation online

Let’s take a closer look at what makes SMART a target.

The more precise you can be when describing a goal, the easier it will be to see clearly what you are trying to accomplish. Let’s take the aim of growing your Twitter followers as an example.

Measurable- How are you going to calculate your success? Double the number of your current Twitter followers, for instance.

Achievable. Is your objective achievable? Could you realistically double your Twitter followers’ numbers?

Relevant. A relevant objective is closely aligned with your business goals. Does this purpose support the aims, vision, or principles of your enterprise?

**Time Specific. Give a deadline for your objective. Double the number of followers on Twitter in three months.

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