India is on The Healthcare time bomb, and no, it's not the coronavirus


"No crisis is taken seriously by India" This is the Indian mentality until calamity hits.

  • Like the Congress government, the Modi government is going from one calamity to another.

  • Special protections were imposed in other countries before a lock down was put in place.

  • Given its technical backwards, filthy living conditions, polluted drinking water, adulterated food, sub-standard education system, India is on the road to being a complete failed state No wonder educated young people are trying to get legally or illegally into the USA, Europe, Canada.

  • Indians currently represent the largest number of undocumented immigrants in the USA.

India’s long-standing struggle with tuberculosis is the greatest problem. The nation currently has as many as 2.7 million TB patients, by far the most in the world, and an estimated 421,000 Indians are killed each year by the disease. According to a report by Zarir Udwadia, a pulmonologist at Mumbai’s PD Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, the existing disparity in treatment could lead to an additional 6.3 million cases and 1.4 million deaths from tuberculosis by 2025.

In India, successive governments have long been troubled by inability to contain tuberculosis, spending just 1.28 percent of the gross domestic product on public health. That left the system ill-equipped to contain deadly diseases such as coronavirus: The nation of South Asia now has the world’s second-highest Covid-19 infection tally, behind only the United States.

Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi was swift to praise front-line health workers, naming them ‘coronawarriors,’ the federal government allocated only an additional $2 billion to finance the medical needs of the epidemic.

“Our war has not succeeded in slowing down the enemy, but the friendly fire against immunisation, tuberculosis, institutional distribution and many more has done greater harm.”

With understaffed public hospitals, chronic shortages of hospital beds, low intensive care capacity and poorly trained staff, India’s health infrastructure is running down at the best of times.

The fragility of under-resourced health systems across the globe has also been highlighted by the pandemic. Read More From Source

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