List of AI Applications in the healthcare industry

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence aren’t concepts of the future anymore. Today, more industries are looking at them to improve productivity and gain better insights about their business. The one industry the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can make a significant mark though is in Healthcare.

Let’s take a look…

  1. Virtual Assistants for Nursing: With the help of virtual nursing assistants, hospitals will be able to reduce sudden hospital visits and reduce the load on medical professionals. AI virtual assistants are great for nursing, and they are able to keep healthcare providers and patients in touch with each other all the time.

  2. AI Assistant for Administration and Workflow: This application will help healthcare providers deal with critical matters. It will help to maximize the time given by nurses, doctors to their jobs, and make their daily tasks easier. It allows for an easier integration process with the existing technological infrastructure. It can help keep a record of all treatments and patients to allow predictive diagnosis.

  3. Automated Image Diagnosis: Artificial intelligence (AI) has helped in the progress of medical imaging over the last few years. The storage of medical images is becoming an issue. Moreover, the complexities of deciphering images and conducting analysis have led to applications that are more efficient.

  4. Dosage Error Reduction: Even a little drop of medicine can make a huge difference. So it is important to keep the dosage of a patient absolutely perfect, or else there might be reparations to pay. The application is designed to reduce the margin of medical errors that may occur when giving medicines to patients.

  5. Digital Consultation: Some AI-based applications can offer medical consultation on the basis of personal medical history combined with common medical knowledge. Users are supposed to enter their symptoms into the app, which then uses the speech recognition technology to compare the received data with a database of illnesses. Then the applications suggest treatments.

  6. Robot - assist surgery: With robot-assisted surgery, there is not only the risk of human error when operating the robotic system, but also the potential for mechanical failure. For instance, system components such as robotic arms, camera, robotic tower, binocular lenses, and instruments can fail.

However, the human was still needed to do the evaluation and implementation. I think some are fantasizing about “robots” “performing medicine” or some such nonsense. There will NEVER be a true substitute for a doctor. There is too much that goes into the practice of medicine for that to happen

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1 Robot-assisted Surgery Process. …
2 Virtual Assistants for Nursing. …
3 AI Assistant for Administration and Workflow.

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