Medtech majors on Union Budget 2021

MNC medtech majors seem to be hoping that the union budget spurs more public-private partnerships


Dr Shravan Subramanyam, Managing Director, Wipro GE Healthcare:

  • The Government’s emphasis on the six pillars of health and well-being, manufacturing, agricultural reforms, human resource reinvigoration, research & development and maximum governance is heartening, offering a visible roadmap to reset the economy.
  • Healthcare has taken centre stage for the good of the people of India with an increased budget allocation of 137 percent.
  • We welcome the new budget that takes a holistic view of healthcare to shift towards Atmanirbhar Bharat with a focus on preventive, curative and well-being, reducing urban rural division and enhancing capacity across the value chain.
  • Over the past 30+ years, our effort has been to ensure that quality and affordable health care is available to people’s doorsteps through our local manufacturing, R&D, digital and skills initiatives provided through the vast network of staff and partners in sales and services.
  • We continue our commitment to be a partner in the government’s effort for a self-reliant India, especially in the fields of mother & child, cardiology, oncology and trauma & strokology during early intervention.

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i really appreciate the initiative the government has undertaken but overall in my view what the indian firms lack is in the side of implementation than in the planning and strategies, which is the main reason for our health management issues that the country has been facing and the future is also doomed.

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