Microsoft Azure Forms Collaboration to Enhance AI in Healthcare

Microsoft Azure, the Center for Digital Health Innovation (CDHI) of UC San Francisco, Fortanix, and

Intel have recently partnered to create a confidential computing network to improve healthcare artificial intelligence (A).

In order to speed up the creation and validation of clinical algorithms in a ‘zero-trust’ environment, the platform will provide privacy-preserving analytics. The goal is to protect intellectual property and address data security concerns.

In addition , companies plan to reduce total time and costs with the new technologies.

As researchers build groundbreaking algorithms that can enhance patient results, we want them to be able to rely on cloud technology to achieve this aim and protect personal data privacy, “said Scott Woodgate, Microsoft’s senior director, Azure security and management, in the press release.”

"Microsoft is proud to be associated with such an significant initiative and to provide healthcare organisations globally with the Azure confidential computing infrastructure."

The partnership will exploit Fortanix’s Confidential Computing Enclave Manager, Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX), and Microsoft Azure 's confidential computing infrastructure 's confidential computing capabilities.

In addition, BeeKeeperAI from CDHI will allow more efficient access, transformation, and orchestration of data across different data providers, the companies said. Read More from source

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