Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare will be generally available October 30

  • In general, Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare will be available on October 30, the behemoth programme revealed this week.

  • The company also announced that Epic will be the first system to integrate its EHR with Microsoft Teams for telehealth virtual visits.

  • “We are committed to providing better connectedness to drive even greater outcomes across providers, payors, pharma, and med tech organizations,” says Microsoft on its Cloud for Healthcare website.

Managed resources to help healthcare organisations will be included in the framework, such as self-service portals and applications , data processing and communication tools for treatment, software for clinician communication, and other capabilities.


Healthcare teams may develop specific patient or patient community care plans that allow clinicians to set up remote health monitoring, chatbot interactions, or telehealth visits as needed.

To smooth the process of executing telehealth appointments, the framework also integrates the Bookings app into Microsoft Teams, which is HIPAA-compliant.

According to the business, care teams can use FHIR, IoT, EHR and other applications to make decisions on patient treatment plans.


Microsoft’s moves to ramp up cloud computing technology for healthcare organizations, made especially relevant amidst the COVID-19 crisis – follow similar efforts from other tech giants.

Google announced in April the launch of its Google Care Healthcare API to allow for structured sharing of knowledge between healthcare apps and Google Cloud systems. Read More From Source