Microsoft partners with Verily, Broad Institute to advance biomed innovations

On Monday, Microsoft announced a strategic partnership with Alphabet Verily and with MIT and Harvard’s Broad Institute to accelerate new innovations in biomedicine through the Terra Platform.

The new collaboration aims to use Microsoft Azure cloud, AI and data technologies to expand the Terra platform, as well as to increase the availability of Microsoft platforms to more than 168,000 health and life science organisational partners.


Biomedical information is generated and digitised at a historic rate from electronic health records, medical imaging, genomics and other sources.

However, researchers who want to make use of these data sets often face silos and fragmented systems, among other obstacles. The Microsoft-Verily-Broad partnership intends to address these barriers by building on Terra’s existing open-source foundation and enhancing the collaboration potential of scientists, researchers and clinicians, say the groups.

According to the organisations, the collaboration will also include:

  • Enable secure and authenticated access to shared data stores through collaborative workspaces
  • Allow access to a rapidly growing portfolio of open and proprietary standards-based tools, best practise workflows and APIs.
  • Enable federated data analysis to construct novel analytical and predictive models.
  • Create a seamless and secure flow to speed up the delivery of data and insights between research and clinical domains.

On The Record
“Through this partnership, we will apply the power of Microsoft Azure and its enterprise-grade capabilities in security and privacy, along with cutting-edge data and AI solutions like Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services, to deliver on the vision of the Terra platform at a new level of scale,” said Dr. Gregory Moore, corporate vice president of Microsoft Health Next, in a statement. Read More From Sources

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