Non-invasive ventilator developed by CSIR-NAL bags regulator nod

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, CSIR-NAL scientists and medical professionals from CSIR-IGIB came forward to resolve the scarcity of ventilators, and the non-invasive bi-level positive airway pressure ventilator-SwasthVayu, with additional features to treat COVID-19 patients and make the country self-reliant, was designed and developed by indigenous people.

The performance of the device was assessed by the expert committee appointed by the Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, as per the PIB release. After careful review, the expert committee concluded that SwasthVayu can be used on COVID-19 patients who need oxygen.

The SwasthVayu developed by CSIR-NAL is a precision closed-loop adaptive control device based on a microcontroller with an integrated biocompatible “3D printed manifold and coupler” with HEPA filter (Highly Efficient Particulate Air Filter). These specific characteristics help to alleviate the fear of the spread of the virus. It has features such as CPAP, Bi-Timed, Random / AUTO modes with external connection to the Oxygen concentrate or enrichment unit.

At the NABL approved agency, the ventilator has undergone stringent electrical protection, efficiency and bio-compatibility tests, and clinical trials have been performed at the Command Hospital, Bangalore and Mysore Medical College & Research Institute, Mysore.


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