Nuro Driverless Vehicles Become Robot Pack Mules For California COVID-19 Medical Centers

At two temporary California sites, Silicon Valley startup Nuro is deploying some of its lightweight robotic delivery vehicles to carry essential supplies for medical workers and patients.

Beginning this week, Nuro is making contact-free deliveries to doctors and nurses using its autonomous R2 vehicles, staffing defacto hospitals set up at a former NBA arena in Sacramento and a converted multipurposecenter in San Mateo, David Estrada, the company’s chief policy and legal officer, tells Forbes.

And we realized that we could potentially use our R2 unmanned vehicles to distribute goods that are completely contactless, where we eliminate any possible interaction between a driver dropping goods and a individual picking them up, "Nuro co-founder Dave Ferguson said in a blog post.

Nuro obtained permission from California this month to operate R2 vehicles on public roads in two communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, after also receiving U.S. approval. Up to now, Nuro has mainly run grocery delivery services in Arizona and Houston, but its latest California initiative may eventually lead to other technology applications.

"Our goal is to accelerate the benefits of robotics for daily life and, through this technology, we hope to one day make a huge positive contribution to the world. But we’re still not there,’ said Ferguson. "We are aware that robots can not solve this problem. People do. They’re heroes.Read More

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