Over 50,000 Ayushman Bharat Health and Wellness Centres operational across country


More than 50,000 Ayushman Bharat-Health and Wellness Centre’s (AB-HWCs) are now operational across the country to provide primary health care services to communities closer to their homes and have witnessed more than 28.10 crore footfalls, as reported by the Ministry of Health
With more than 50,000 centers being built, one-third of the goal has been met. This has led to improved access to affordable primary healthcare services.

All this was made possible by the joint efforts of the Center and the States/UTs in planning, monitoring at all stages, process standardization, adaptation flexibility given to the States/UTs, and building on the health systems developed so far,’ said Minister of Health Harsh Vardhan.

In measures such as risk communication, touch tracing, community surveillance and early detection of incidents, and the seamless provision of non-COVID critical health services to ensure the safety of vulnerable groups, such as newborns, elderly people and those with comorbidities, the Health and Wellness Centres have supported.

The 50,025 active AB-HWCs are now distributed across 678 regions, including 27,890 sub-health centers,18,536 Primary Health Centres and 3,599 Urban Primary Health Centres.

Together over 28.10 crore footfalls have been experienced by these AB-HWCs, of which over 53% are women seeking treatment at these centers.
More than 6.43 crore individuals, 5.23 crore for diabetes and 6.14 crore individuals for cancer have been tested for hypertension. Around 1.0 crore individuals are given free drugs for hypertension treatment and around 60 lakh for diabetes.