Post COVID-19, using cloud data analytics platforms to provide customised healthcare solutions

Raj Srinivas, CTO, 8K Miles Software Services summarises that if we bring the total cost of ownership and potential ROI into the frame, the value added offered by cloud analytics solutions can be multi-fold by weighing the pros and cons of the on-premise vs cloud data analytics debate in the sense of health data. In addition, meaningful insights into vaccine efficacy for COVID-19 mutations on individuals can be obtained with the latest developments in cloud analytics.

This could inevitably contribute to the availability of customised and quality healthcare options to individuals worldwide.

Post COVID-19, the difficulties

But how do companies evaluate and compare billions of patients’ medical data for years with COVID-19 clinical trial data to arrive at decision data models? Some common data sources to start with are patient data from EHRs, digital data from hospitals/clinics/labs, imaging and genomics data. The receipt, storage and review of this information in on-site data centres is a choice, as is a cloud-based data analytics platform. Patient data will expand enormously and pharmaceutical firms will soon be able to look at petabytes and zettabytes of data.

The constant need for additional computing resources that can be provided/de-provisioned in a Just-in-time (JIT) fashion is a desperate need in order to store, clean, regulate and analyse data of this size. In addition, we look at pharmaceutical company data scientists logging on from various parts of the world, constantly consolidating ever-changing data in a water-tight data access security, governance and data audited environment to conduct nimble vaccine forecasts and trend analysis on a 24-7 basis.

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