Private hospitals stare at losses amid covid outbreak

Discussions are emerging over India’s private healthcare system as rising past investments along with vanishing foreign patients due to travel curbs mean that many leading private hospitals have suffered revenue losses of up to 90 percent since March.

As the sector spends additional personnel,supplies, consumables and other tools to ensure 100% patient health preparedness, Patients eventual diagnosis, its income drops by 90 percent with

sharp declines in outpatient footfalls, elective procedures, and foreign patients.

The number of patients has been slowly decreasing to zero after the government decided to deny visas for all foreigners entering India.The limits are of course justified in light of the pandemic.Yet the huge industry of medical travel has come to a grinding halt.

This has greatly incurred loss to many hospitals such as Max Healthcare, Fortis Hospitals and more over Apollo reported decline in the OPD patient foot fall too.

The private sector has joined efforts to the government to cure COVID-19 spread through support in screening facilities, planning isolation beds and deploying equipment and personnel in established nodal hospitals.

The government is also working on a plan to turn private hospitals into dedicated COVID-19 hospitals with mass ICUs, while dealing with the increase in coronavirus cases.

There is a decrease in margins on implants, medications, and consumables which means hospitals are unable to cover the high cost of conducting surgical procedures.Read More

For your information, in few maternity hospitals in Delhi & NCR (Fortis Maternity hospital, New Delhi included) OPDs are running in full flow. Inpatient bed occupancy rates are above 85% in these hospitals. Private gynaecologists are being called to conduct LSCS surgeries to their hospital and they are following the same and doing the pre dated LSCS surgeries instead of earlier planned normal delivery.


Greetings @anupam2103
If so y fortis itself had said that The number of new admissions daily has dropped by 90%, while new registrations have come down to zero. May be emergencies like LSCS is must to attend no one can ignore it Right, other than that normal walkin patients have declined for sure. :thinking: