Resource guide for interactive coping strategies for cancer patients

The eHealth Initiative (eHI), a non-profit organisation committed to enhancing healthcare quality, protection, and productivity through information and technology, has released its first ever Health IT Cancer Resources Guide, a detailed summary of the digital tools available to help patients and their families understand, manage, and cope with cancer.

The guide lists 76 resources that seek to transform cancer treatment, ranging from mobile apps to web pages to social networks. It was founded by the National Cancer and Technology Council of eHI, which included members of the American Cancer Society and is divided into five sections: decision-making, education, management of care, social support and management of lifestyle.

Based on the results of the Issue Brief on eHealth Resources and Cancer Care, eHI produced the guide, a study of 124 articles that explored how cancer care currently uses telemedicine, mobile health, internet-based technology and social media.