Scale AI in Imaging Now for the Post-COVID Era

The Link to AI

  • Through remote access to imaging and reports, COVID-19 has intensified the need for enterprise imaging and telehealth. It also shines a spotlight on the need for enhanced use of AI and machine learning in imaging, with the dual objectives of better diagnosis and greater well-being and work satisfaction of clinicians.

  • It can have a positive effect on the financial health of an institution as well. Industry reports report that 37% of the income from a hospital is generated from imagery. More than ever to protect the bottom line, hospitals need to maximise the use of their imaging facilities.

  • In addition, AI will enhance imaging clarity and accountability and eventually promote coordinated care programmes that rely on swaths of data analytics to be actionable at the point of care.

Invest to Optimize Today and Tomorrow

  • Healthcare organisations need to build a new data experience to accelerate AI. As pressured by the pandemic and rapid transition to telehealth, they have already had a taste of what it’s like to innovate more quickly. Six months later, however, healthcare institutions are now facing tremendous financial pressures. They want to continue to accelerate spending, but during austere financial times, they need to spend smarter than ever before.An investment that yields both short and long-term dividends allows for a modern data experience.

  • The foundation they build for AI matters; organisations pursue stronger and better ways to store and access their data efficiently, conveniently and affordably to ultimately support AI on a scale. All this begins with the data base and usability of data: healthcare organisations need to guarantee a digital data experience powered by a real-time data-centric infrastructure that prioritises automation, is efficient and stable, supports multi-cloud.

  • A strong investment that delivers today and far into the future is required by organisations. In addition to setting the stage for expanding AI use the modern data experience provides the basis for embracing emerging technology, greater volumes and pace that companies need today. It not only offers an incentive to overcome urgent problems, but also fosters continuing, accelerated innovation. Read More From Source