Six overarching issues facing healthcare in 2019

A report on key issues in healthcare was published in January 2019 by consulting giant PwC.

six issues:

  • Digital therapeutics and connected care reshape the life sciences industry.
  • Your company’s new, upskilled health worker of the future is you.
  • Tax reform has only just begun for healthcare companies.
  • Creating the Southwest Airlines of healthcare.
  • Private equity – healthcare’s new growth accelerator.
  • The Affordable Care Act in 2019 – still alive.
    Read in detail about all these issues, click the link below

“The arrival of digital therapeutics – an emerging health discipline that uses technology to augment or even replace active drugs in disease treatment – is reshaping the landscape for new medicines, product reimbursement and regulatory oversight,” PwC said. “This means that new data sharing processes and payment models will be established to integrate these products into the broader treatment arsenal and regulatory structure for drug and device approvals.”

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