Stack up on healthcare data, but with a keen eye on breaches

In the recent past, the central government has made sure moves towards the digitalisation of healthcare systems. The use of digital systems is gradually carried out with tracking of patients, online registration, patient reviews, benefit finding, control of payments, the flow of funds, payment of claims etc.

NITI Aayog announced the launch of the National Health Stack earlier this year in order to accelerate this digital transformation. It was designed to allow comprehensive healthcare data collection across the country and to put together state electronic health registries, a database for coverage and claims, a federal system for personal records for health, a national health assessment portal and so on to create a single online health Identity.

Privacy, a grey area

Big data in health can support a wide range of healthcare and medical functions. Digital health systems have proven to be effective in developed countries, and for resource-poor countries, they hold great potential for improving accessibility, affordability, and quality of healthcare.

But data privacy in India remains a grey area. India currently lacks any comprehensive data protection regime which can safeguard people against violations of their privacy in this digital age.

The protection and privacy of health data, classified as sensitive personal data by the Personal Data Protection Bill 2018, would be governed by its provisions.

Though there are benefits. How secure the data can be stacked ? Discuss your opinion upon this. To know more click the link below

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