Swoop Aero remotely flies drones for African villages with vital medical supplies

The fleet of drones that Peck, a former airforce pilot turned Deloitte consultant, and co-founder and CTO Josh Tepper developed to provide those in regional or remote areas access to healthcare were intentionally designed to be piloted remotely.

“What we did was built a system that segregated the need for a person piloting the drone to be anywhere near the aircraft to the point the system we’ve developed could quite literally mean you can have a drone at the north pole and the pilot at the south pole, and it makes no difference if the pilot was standing next to the aircraft,” he told ZDNet.

Swoop Aero currently operates in Malawi in partnership with USAID Global Health Supply Chain, UK Aid, and UNICEF, providing medical supplies including vaccines for malaria and tuberculosis, penicillin, anti-malarial and anti-venom medications, and HIV/AIDS testing kits from healthcare centres to remote villages.

“We work very closely with the government. It’s the same with our work in DRC; we work very closely in partnership with the government and the health system over there. The same again in Mozambique. Although the contracts are with or alongside the NGOs, the core customer we’re serving is the government.” - said peck Read More in the source