Tech-enabled healthcare solutions: The answer to the problem of Covid-19

There is a recognition that this pandemic will not actually be the last disaster that has caught the world in the dark. So one of the most important questions that comes up is – what can we do now to be better prepared if we have another pandemic like that in the future?

Role of technology in a major healthcare crisis
This is where technology – fuelled by big data , artificial intelligence, and cyber security – helps to build systems and services not just to alleviate today’s major crises, but to prepare us in advance for tomorrow’s unknown crises. The following can be accomplished by the use of technology

Comprehensive analytics for predictions & trend analysis

  • Using technology , it is possible to gather raw medical data from different sources and view real-time hospital power, localization, and critical resource status on a centralised digital dashboard that can be accessed remotely. Government bodies will also require strong analytical solutions that could reliably forecast the spread of infection.
  • This will begin with hospital real-time data collection and involve the use of Artificial Intelligence and data analytics to recognise patterns and possible areas at risk before becoming mega patient clusters.

Resource management & managing Unlock phases

Using a centralised platform such as the Security Digital Platform (SDP), a cloud-based safe platform that gathers data from several sub-systems (CCTV, Sensors and Biometrics), this can be done in hospitals and public places.
In order to give a clear image of the current field situation, it will monitor the availability,

  • geo-localization and on-hand levels of hospital beds,
  • medical personnel and essential pharmaceutical stocks including consumables such as masks and gloves.

Data security for hospitals
Tech-enabled solutions for healthcare are not a luxury, but a requirement. The importance of embracing technology in healthcare and digitalizing processes has been further highlighted with the emergence of a pandemic like Covid-19. India is on the road to introducing more innovations of this kind. These are steps in the right direction to not only handle healthcare issues, but also ensure that access to improved healthcare benefits everyone.

Advanced medical devices
To help medical practitioners provide precision and speed, we need specialised medical equipment. In hospitals and public/private locations, for instance,

  • Smart Thermal Scanners that combine ‘thermal imaging’ and artificial intelligence to take medically accurate temperature readings can help. We can therefore recognise individuals with fever easily and therefore prevent inconvenience due to false alarms.
  • Another example might be portable digital Wi-Fi-connected scanners coupled with X-ray image intensifiers that allow patients to be examined at the bedside while taking all the appropriate precautions.
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