The 2020s: Here’s how medical breakthroughs will help save lives

10 predictions and resolutions for the future healthcare

  1. Artificial intelligence and digital therapy will be used at most levels of scientific investigation and health care, from identifying risk predictors, diagnosing and monitoring disease, and customizing treatment options, to revolutionizing health care management and delivery.

  2. New biomarkers— a traceable substance that is introduced into the body to examine how a part of the body works— will make it possible to diagnose and treat diseases more quickly and accurately.

  3. Increasing the use of wearable devices that characterize and treat chronic diseases more accurately will enable rapid and customized intervention.

  4. A greater understanding of brain circuits

  5. .New approaches to collecting and sharing health information

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predictions are wonderful, Healthcare IT is growing day by day. Waiting for more good things from healthcare IT like this. :clap:t2: