The HP EliteBook 840 G6 Healthcare Edition Notebook : Telehealth

There’s no doubt that notebook computers, particularly now, play a significant role in health care.

  • Notebooks assist patients on the go from improving care delivery to promoting vital connectivity activities, without sacrificing their physical protection or data security.

  • The HP EliteBook 840 G6 Healthcare Edition Notebook is a versatile laptop capable of providing sufficient support for virtual treatment, improving face-to - face consultations and speeding up administrative tasks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, the 256-gigabyte Serial ATA-600 hard drive is ideal for storing high-resolution, moving images — an significant feature as more medical staff operate from remote locations.

Protected Inside and Out

  • Built-in encryption tools help safeguard hard drive data, a key measure to prevent a compromise that can cause costly breaches of HIPAA and impact patient confidence.

  • This saves clinicians time and encourages improved, regular sanitation procedures.

With the HP Simple Clean programme, a user can deactivate the touch screen, keyboard and track pad of the notebook to wipe the computer down easily without turning it off.

A one-touch feature will significantly limit screen access to those who aren’t directly in front of it for those who use the laptop in busy public areas.

Built with Clinical Workflows in Mind

  • And although the chassis is big, it is light as well-perfect for both telemedicine and travel.

  • The EliteBook 840 G6 can also improve physician-patient interactions with technology that enable point-to - point virtual care calls and community videoconferencing.

The notebook is Skype for Business accredited and has a noise-canceling microphone so that a person can be clearly heard, no matter what’s going on around them.

Taking Healthcare Security to a Higher Level

Protection isn’t a choice in health care — it’s an obligation.

  • The HP EliteBook 840 G6 Healthcare Edition Notebook shields healthcare networks with a rugged suite of features and capabilities from possible data and visual hacking.

  • With the HP Sure Sense programme, which uses deep learning and artificial intelligence, the system can also protect against ever-expanding malware attacks

These features include built-in authentication, the HP protection software suite and the HP Sure View Gen2 feature — which eliminates visible light by up to 95 percent when viewed at an angle while pressing a button to prevent anyone from reading the screen. Read More From Source

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