This New Robots Could Take Blood Samples

First clinical trial of an automated blood drawing and testing device
According to the first human clinical study of an automatic blood drawing and testing device, a Rutgers-led team created a blood sampling robot that performed as well or better than people.
The device gives quick results and allows healthcare professionals to spend more time in hospitals and other settings treating patients. This device includes the robot which draws blood from the veins with an ultrasound image. A fully integrated device that includes a sample module and a centrifugal blood analyzer could be used in bedsides and in ambulances, emergency rooms, clinics, medical offices, and hospitals.

The system could be used in the future for procedures such as intravenous catheterization, central venous access, dialysis, and Read More

The best thing about India is we are still connected with our old system and method advancement in technology is great but few things in our life and in our industry need not bring so high level technology that it changes the whole purpose of process, what I mean is when a phlebotomist draw blood or a medical person draw blood he is connecting with patient emotion and make that patient comfortable which robot cant do so I feel we need technology up gradations but upto certain limit

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