This type of hospital bed kills - but its good!

The surface contact hospitals cause 80% of infections and the main perpetrator is the bed safety railing which is influenced by all kinds of staff and patients throughout the day.

It sounds odd, but copper is a known microbe killer.
A new study found that in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), copper hospital beds contained an average of 95% fewer bacteria than traditional hospital beds and maintained this risk during the entire stay.

Its really good one to reduce hospital infection but, Will this be adopted by hospitals soon? Is the bed affordable ? what will be its durability? Discuss your opinions regarding this!

To read about this study. Click the link below.


This is an effective one to implement in hospitals. Since the nosocomial infections are a major issue faced by the hospitals, implementing this could help to reduce this.

Very informative one for people who are working in infection control department in hospital, not only for beds, copper can used for items touched most frequently by patients, and some studies are saying that its results in 50% reduction in Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

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