Top Health Industry Issues of 2020-Health Research Institute (HRI)

  • Healthcare executives are feeling the building pressure of rising costs and while there are many strategies to make healthcare more affordable
  • 2020 is an election year and healthcare executives should expect a continued focus on issues like Medicaid expansion, pricing transparency, and drug costs.
  • Consumers are ready to see the benefits of sharing their own health data, and companies will need to manage access and at the same time protect the data. 94% of payer executives cited ensuring privacy as a top concern.
  • Equity and inclusion are intersecting with every aspect of healthcare including research, treatments, and delivery

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Healthcare organizations and their front-line clinical workforce have absorbed the brunt of the pandemic and the emotional toll of witnessing the deaths of hundreds of thousands who could not have loved ones present. Physicians are now dealing with sicker patients because of delayed care during the pandemic. The healthcare system in 2021 also faces a tremendous challenge in responding to the nation’s mental health crisis, as 32% of US consumers surveyed by HRI said they had experienced anxiety or depression as a result of the pandemic.

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