Training and list compilation start ahead of vaccine rollout


There will be around 6,000 vaccination sites across the state.

Vaccinators who have been delivering conventional vaccines like polio and BCG for so long are being told how to treat the cold chain Covid-19 vaccine, what amount of the dose will have to be maintained at vaccination sites for potential controls and specifics of infection prevention procedures, health department officials said.

Nearly 20,000 vaccinators are being trained in the provision of Covid-19 vaccines under the state health department and a software is being built where information of nearly six lakh health workers are being uploaded as part of the vaccination programme planning.

The primary responsibility for injecting a shot into a person would be a qualified vaccinator. Four others will be in the squad. At the designated vaccination centre, one of them will receive the applicant and verify the identification of the person before taking him or her into a waiting room.

After ensuring that he or she has taken every precaution, the third will accompany the nominee from the waiting room to the vaccination room.

After the shot is given, two others will be in the waiting room with the nominee.

β€œThe vaccinator will be the key person and sole representative of the health department at any vaccination site, among a group of five employees who will administer the jab,” says health department officials.

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