UK to use AI for COVID-19 vaccine side effects

A £ 1.5 million tender was paid to Genpact UK by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) to build an AI method to sift through the high volume of reports of adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines.

The government contract states that the AI instrument will process the predicted high volume of adverse drug reactions ( ADRs) of the Covid-19 vaccine and ensure that no specifics are given. They missed it.


The need for an efficient and powerful method to process a large number of reports is crucial in handling the high volume of reports as the United Kingdom prepares for a widespread monumental-scale inoculation programme in the months ahead.

The vaccine types being developed, such as MRNA and chimpanzee adenovirus, are relatively new, making it difficult to predict how they will interact with the immune systems of millions of people

The MHRA contract also acknowledges that the timelines for the coronavirus vaccine have been accelerated so quickly that an reliable study of their protection will not be available before national immunisation programmes begin to test them.

The Larger context

Abu Dhabi’s G42 Healthcare announced a voluntary healthcare management programme with US wearable technology company WHOOP to track the health and fitness of those involved in the company’s COVID-19 vaccine trials as the global race for a COVID-19 vaccine gathers momentum.

According to the Financial Times, the UK government is currently in talks with Palantir Technologies to improve its test-and-trace programme Read More From Source