What are some common problems digital health start-ups face?

There are many digital health comming up ahat are the scratch problems faced by them


Health is a complex area, and the issues may vary depending on the problem that the startup tries to solve. If it’s a software play, it’s a challenge to design a product that’s intuitive for many people. The other issue is the management of health data and privacy / security related to the handling of data. Regulatory approval can be a challenge since health is a hyper-regulated area
Other problems like,

  1. Finding the key decision maker(s).
  2. Not understanding implementation in healthcare.
  3. Not knowing how to help buyers access funding for said solutions. etc…
  • Slow Growth.
  • Complex Industry.
  • Doctors are tough.
  • Monetization.
  • Lack of healthcare mentors in India.
  • Need to connect with technology.