What are some tips to make hospital / clinical housekeeping quicker while retaining efficiency

Suggest some tips to be quick , yet maintain efficiency in hospital/clinical housekeeping?

Hospital cleaning procedures and methods must include cleaning and disinfecting the entire room. When you clean a surface, dirt particles are removed but bacteria may still be present.

Microfiber cloths are fantastic for picking up dirt and germs on a surface. Staff must damp them with clean water or a commercial detergent so it’s effective.

Then, staff must use a disinfectant spray to kill bacteria lingering on the counters and walls. It’s easy to be complacent and only clean large surface areas, but it’s the housecleaning staff’s responsibility to disinfect the hard-to-reach places as lives are at stake.

Housekeepers must follow cleaning label instructions so the hospital room is thoroughly disinfected. If the staff skips any steps or doesn’t wait long enough for the cleaning agent to work, harmful bacteria will still be present.

Staff must also change microfiber cloths frequently to prevent the spread of bacteria throughout the hospital. When cleaning a patient’s room, if a blanket or pillow falls onto the floor, replace them immediately.

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