What are the globally accepted methods to recognize a patient accurately?

One of the most common causes of healthcare medical errors is inaccurate patient recognition. The mistake will result in potentially serious effects such as surgery on the wrong patient or the transfusion into a patient of the wrong blood. It is vital that hospitals adopt an appropriate patient recognition policy and procedure. Wish to know internationally accepted patient recognition methods!

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Hey, I appreciate that you came up with a real issue happening. As you asked there are some international standards by NABH to identify the patient.
1.Information on registration of patients, including the full name of the patient, date of birth and the name of the father/mother/spouse must be taken at the time of registration. A new identification must be acquired at least in addition to the patient’s name.
Each registered patient shall have a unique identification number (UIN). This UIN must not be used even in the future for any other patient.
The patient’s and UIN’s name shall be used to identify any patient in the hospital as the standard identifier. For patient admission, the same identifying details are used.

2.Use of Patient Identification band (ID band)

Each admitted patient must have an ID-band on his or her wrist If the wrist isn’t suitable for placing the band, the band could be positioned on the ankle.
The ID band shall contain the name of the patient, UNIN and one more identification (such as date of birth, father’s name, etc.).

3.Identification of the patient shall be done before

  • Sample collection for lab tests
  • Imaging investigations
  • Surgical intervention and any invasive procedure
  • Administration of all kind of medicines through any route
  • Transfer of a patient from one place to another
  • Blood sampling
  • Blood transfusion
  • Death confirmation.
    I hope u got some idea to manage the patient identification problem :v:t2:

Thankyou for ur reply!
ID band is good idea but i think it will again add up cost to hospital.

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is only inaccurate patient recognition responsible for this ?

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