What are the major differences between marketing in healthcare and other fields?

Can any one say what makes difference ?


Regulation and reporting was a major difference,

The healthcare sector is highly regulated and controlled as to what it can and can’t tell. Although other industries do have fewer laws. MCI watches each and every step of the hospital. And moreover, the healthcare services were only marketed if the doctor’s loyalty and brand loyalty was good. Hospital Can’t attract the patients by fake promises, there are a lot of differences and this was the major difference between marketing in healthcare and other fields.

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Reporting: You have to follow up and report on all complaints received about your product (this varies a bit depending on which parts of healthcare, but for medical devices and pharmaceuticals, I think this is broadly true.) Typically this is 24-48 hours.
Gifts: You have severe restrictions on what kinds of things you can supply to doctors.
Claims: Related to advertising, there are some things you can’t (or have to be extremely careful about) advertise to doctors. For example, helping doctors get insurance approval for specific treatments that are otherwise not covered - can’t advertise for that. But if they ask you, you can help.
Timelines: Timelines are long. Both in terms of getting things through regulatory, compliance and/or legal (depending on your processes).