What are the regulation to start a medical tourism in India?

What are the legal requirements to start a medical tourism company in India, I can see many individuals are working as a medical tourism facilitator.

The Procedure is Simple as Follows:

  • Start by verifying your documents like medical papers.
  • Make sure of the treatment you want to avail.
  • Conduct research on the procedure of treatment you want to take up.
  • Meet the doctor before you undergo the treatment and get all medical tests done.
  • Documents like visa, credit cards and traveller’s check must be kept in hand.
  • Medical tourists are entitled to pay 50% less than what they are expected at their home country.

Moreover, medical tourism in India is of premium quality. Life-saving surgical treatments in this nation do not take much time at all. The procedures get done quickly and provide a pace of change to patients from across the globe.

Also, patients from outside the country need not wait for weeks to get a doctor’s appointment. The procedure makes sure that patients are assigned to specialists who are suitable to treat their condition in particular.

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