What are the types of emergency colour codes?

There are different types of colour codes used for emergency. which colour represents what

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  • Code Pink-child abduction
  • Code black: personal threat
  • Code blue: medical emergency.
  • Code brown: external emergency (disaster, mass casualties etc.)
  • Code CBR: chemical, biological or radiological contamination.
  • Code orange: evacuation.
  • Code purple: bomb threat.
  • Code red: fire.
  • Code yellow: internal emergency.

These are some of emergency codes used in hospital currently

Code Red: Fire
Code Blue: Medical lockdown
Code Orange: Disaster or Mass Casualties
Code Green: Evacuation
Code Yellow: Missing Patient
Code Amber: Missing or Abducted Infant or Child
Code Black: Bomb Threat
Code White: Aggression
Code Brown: Hazardous Spill
Code Grey: System Failure
Code Pink: Pediatric Emergency and/or Obstetrical Emergency

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