What could be the advantage of effective waste management disposal in a hospital?

Many hospitals have seperate biomedical waste departments what is the use and advantage of this?


That’s how you save the environment by treating it in a different manner. Second is that makes you patient areas and hospital safe. Infection chances are prevented. How come we can mix similar type of waste ? This will create a problem.

  1. Prevents mixing of waste
  2. Promotes safety of the waste handlers
  3. Prevent cross contamination / injuries
  4. Its biosafe or ecofriendly
  5. Helps in recycling the plastic waste
  6. Helps in separating the infectious, radioactive or toxic waste which is very dangerous to human life
  7. Promotes discipline of the healthcare worker

Hospital waste management increases safety of employees and patients by reducing the potential to sustain a sharps injury potential, along with the costs of direct and indirect treatment as a result.

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