What is AMC and CMC in biomedical department?

What is the need of this two types of contracts in biomedical department, what is the benefit through this ?

  • AMC is an annual contract for maintenance.

A manufacturer provides the service on its own or with the assistance of service providers through AMC. The contract is usually for a period of 1 year and, according to the mutual understanding of both parties, can be extended for up to three years or five years.

Generally service providers only provide business support and pay for each portion under AMC separately. In some situations, however, few parts are replaced by service engineer during the visit while minimal parts are replaced in the AMC contract.

  • CMC stands for comprehensive maintenance contract.

It includes the company or service provider’s prompt service.

The contract is typically for a term of 1 year and, according to the mutual understanding of both parties, can be extended for up to three years or five years.+ This requires defective components fixes and replacements. Getting the agreements offers the advantages that are available at reduced costs such as consumables (which are not part of the contract).

CMC is more costly than AMC because it also requires spares costs.


Maintenance of medical equipment of a hospital is essential. This applies to any kind of basic equipment to a high end equipment.Breakdown of medical equipment can cause serious problems in diagnosis and treatment. It is the responsibility of the biomedical department to see to that the downtime of any equipment is kept to the minimum in case of any breakdown. The hospital must enter into appropriate contracts with the vendors to ensure regular maintenance and avoid any such breakdowns. The type of contract can be decided based on the criticality of the equipment.

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Maintenance (AMC/CMC/IN-HOUSE) is mandatory for all kind of Biomedical Equipment depends on the criteria and quantity. If Hospital having sufficient quantity of same specified equipment then it may be considered as AMC or ON-CALL but in case of life saving equipment and we have no backup support then it should be go with CMC to reduce the downtime. Some are arises there is no problem in last year so not necessary to renewal the contract for next period but it is also depend on the equipment and its dependency.

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AMC is Annual Maintenance contract(Which Includes Preventive maintenance, Labor charges and Breakdown Calls). The duration is one year and it may extend more than one year on base of finalization of both user and service provider.

Under AMC, user purchase the spare separately but in some cases few parts like lamp, PM kit etc are replaced by service engineer during the visit.

CMC is Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (Which includes Preventive maintenance, Unlimited Breakdown calls, All the spare parts except plastic, battery and consumables etc) The duration of CMC is 1year and extended to 3-5 years depend on the mutual understanding of both the parties i.e user and service provider.

Under CMC, the service provider replace the spare on stipulated time at free of cost and maintain the uptime 95% (minimum). Some cases there is some limitations of replacement of spares Ex. Service providers are restricted to replace the tube of CT Scan, Cathlab, C-Arm etc once in a contract period but it depends on User to user.

Its a responsibility of Biomedical Engineer that decision should take carefully at the time of contract as efficiency of equipment depends on the atmosphere like temperature, Humidity, quality of water etc.


AMC = It includes only service charges and visit charges of instrument. Spare’s cost is always extra. CMC = It includes Service charges + visit charges + Spares cost. Some very high cost spare parts can be excluded.