What is difference between home health care and home care?

I want to know what makes the difference between this. These many days I thought both are the same giving care to the patient at home. Someone respond if u are aware.


This is the major confusion among all! A lot of people wrongly assume both are the same

Home health care allows patients to heal from a hospital recovery and helps to stay safe at home to avoid unnecessary hospitalization. Home health care provides support. These certified Medicare services can include short-term care, rehabilitation, therapy, and care. Registered caregivers (RNs), licensed clinical caregivers (LPN’s), physical therapists (PTs), etc. are offering the treatment.

On the other hand, Home care services are non-medical and are usually used continually to provide for older people to do their homework daily, for example, to bathe, eat, clean the house and prepare meals. These services help people stay at home versus live in an establishment. In-home care is often a cheaper way of providing long-term care.