What is Gamification in healthcare?

what is Gamification in healthcare?

Gamification is typically used in drug adherence, simulations related to medical education, fitness and wellness applications. The strategy is to use rewards for users who complete mandated tasks and usually work as follows: by filling a progress bar to measure success.

Gamification in healthcare is gaining momentum, with attempts to apply gaming principles to improve patient clinical outcomes. This trend establishes the need for a “digital practitioner” who channels these games, monitors progress, and selects the most appropriate ones for a given patient.

There are many fields in which to apply gamification in healthcare, such as:

-specialized medical training
-active ageing
-improving adherence to therapy

With regards to training, the most common gamification approach is the use of simulators. Surgeons, for example, can perform routine and non-routine operations by interacting with a surgical simulation system. This approach allows for information to be gathered regarding the surgeon’s operation methods and to give constructive feedback to improve the surgeon’s performance.