What is one of a hospital's most effective and basic medical devices?

There are many medical devices used in hospital, which is most simple and verry essential medical device ?

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I could say Needles, are most simple and effective one… Devices like Ecg is also cheaper and very valuable one for diagnosis.

Depending on the size of hospital and speciality various medical devices are used. Very basic medical device can start from a BP monitor to a high end speciality device like MRI, CT etc. All medical devices are supposed to be effective and efficient with thorough regular maintenance which is the responsibility of the hospital management.
Naming one specific device will not be apt unless the exact requirement is specified


The following could be the basic devices that’s vital to a hospital.

  1. Stethoscope
  2. BP apparatus
  3. Glucometer
  4. Pulse oxymeter
  5. Themometer
  6. ECG machine
  7. X ray machine
  8. Few lab equipments

I suppose all the medical equipment’s from a little cotton to big machines are eually important , because the requirement is un known.

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