What is roles & responsibilities of biomedical engineering in hospital?

as biomedical engineering department handles all the vital machineries in hospital before starting the procedures, other than this what are the other responsibilities handled by them

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  • Purchase of equipment’s (which includes inviting quotations/tenders for purchasing new equipment’s/machines & preparing comparison chart for the same).

  • Writing specifications for all the new equipment’s & machinery.

  • Evaluating the equipment &machinery on the basis of its initial cost as well as its operating cost: since many times, the high maintenance & operating cost of the equipment turns out to be much higher than the initial cost.

  • Inspection of incoming equipment & machinery and doing pre-acceptance checks before official acceptance & payment.

  • Maintaining records; for e.g. equipment history.

  • Setting standards & ensuring their compliance.

  • Maintaining the equipment to the best of its performance by organizing a planned maintenance program for all equipment’s and attending to emergency breakdowns and repairs.

  • Arranging for training programs for personnel in clinical engineering department as well as the end users.

  • Advising & providing expertise to the medical staff & administration.

  • Maintaining equipment inventory for all existing & incoming equipment’s.

  • Active involvement in the activities of the hospital’s safety committee & checking safety hazards.

  • Monitoring contract services viz. A.M.C. and C.M.C.

  • Keeping record of the Spares/consumable items.

    • List item
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  • Designing, testing and implementing new medical procedures, such as computer-aided surgery and tissue engineering
  • Designing, developing, testing and modifying products, equipment and devices
  • Liaising with medical, engineering and scientific staff
  • Training staff to use equipment safely
    maintaining equipment
  • Writing reports and documentation
    undertaking relevant research.
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