What is the scope of business analyst in healthcare IT?

As health care IT is growing these days, how important business analyst plays role? Do they have business analyst and give opportunity for them? What is the scope for us

Yes, there is a great scope for business analyst Most of the current systems in health care are either underused or fail after few days of implementations. One of the main reason is the lack of proper understanding of end users. In health care, end user’s requirements are more personalized as each user has his/her style of practice.

The role of a business analyst is vital when it comes to the development and implantation of any IT systems in a health care setting.

Being a Business Analyst it doesn’t matter in which domain you are working , they are below focus point which remain same , it can be Healthcare, or telecom

Thing to be focus are:

Technologies -Excel, Business Intelligence tools(like SQL,Power BI,Power Point etc)

Business - you must have to be a Good Business Analyser to understand what business need and when they need and how to overcome any business challenge .

If you focus on these two area , there is no need to find scope in any domain , you can work in any industry as a business analyst role