What makes difference between ICD and SNOMED coding standards?

Both are medical codings and used in hospitals, what makes difference?


ICD is the medical classification codes issued by the World Health Organization.SNOMED is complex coding system in the world. SNOMED is a computer-processed database of medical conditions that offers codes, words and descriptions used in medical records and reporting

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Since SNOMED is a clinical terminology, it is inherently more appropriate for clinical documentation of diagnoses in an EHR than other terminologies or classifications, such as ICD-9,ICD-10. SNOMED is not necessarily superior to ICD-10; they were created for different reasons. Using a standard medical terminology to capture and store diagnosis (and other medical terms) in an EHR ensures consistent expression of similar concepts which can be leveraged for decision support, reporting, and analytics, while ensuring consistent communication across the healthcare community — all of which leads to better care.

Due to its use in medical billing, ICD is largely familiar to healthcare providers and was incorporated into many EHRs as a way to capture diagnoses. The primary limitation with this strategy is the lack of clinical coverage available in ICD-10, which contains approximately more than15000 unique concepts.

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