What's your opinion on preventing Covid19 in india?

How can we completely stop the spread of Covid19 in india?? Are we on the right track??


@Madavi It is not possible in shorter period Self protection will help . Are you asking from management perspective or in general if it is general this is not right place to do clinical discussions.

Clearly managers have a crucial role to play in helping staff and companies during this crisis. Where successful , organisations will be better prepared to withstand this storm, and will be in sound condition to reach the running ground once it is over.

Some of the programmes we already see include: online community events, such as interactive pub quizzes or team lunches to help alleviate isolation Timing versatility to help comfort concerned parents, and new tools and services to help workers get their work done from home.

Soon after the first case of the coronavirus arrived in India in late January, India responded with restrictions on flights and screenings at its airports. Yet the country had more than 80,000 arrivals every day, mostly from Europe and the Gulf States, where the virus had spread. And across the country, millions of people live in proximity, in densely populated slums where access to health care is poor. The government’s decision to impose the lockdown was necessary to mitigate the inevitable spread of the disease.

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