Where the EHR failed?

Many practises experience failure in implementing due to their inability
to model costs that can occur during and after implementation.
Given the data available on implementation, a vast majority of
practises revealed that their implementation was troubled by financial problems.

EHR failure usually involves one or more of these four issues:

  • Technical EHR implementation failures, where the wrong hardware/software combination was installed, or where there were issues with wireless connectivity.

  • Financial failures, where the expected EHR ROI wasn’t realized, or the costs were significantly more than expected.

  • Software incompatibility issues, where the EHR system didn’t interface with an existing medical practice management system

  • People-related issues, where some physicians or staff members avoid training or simply refuse to use the EHR system. This can leave a medical practice with the worst of both worlds: paper charts for some physicians and patients, and electronic records for others.

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