Where top VCs are investing in healthcare B2B and infrastructure

Increasing healthcare costs, an aging population, stifling legislation and the sophistication of today’s technology innovations are making the trillion dollar healthcare industry primed for disruption.

Not only are we seeking new and creative ways to get medical assistance, this global pandemic has led to exponential growth in telemedicine, wearable tools, and health monitoring apps — all of which requires wearable reform for doctor’s offices, insurance, and compliance with HIPAA.

In a recent survey, we asked VCs to assess the digital health sector; for today, we have been reaching out to active investors to find out what they see in the health infrastructure environment,What worries them most right now, and where they think the industry is headed.

From the survey conducted

Carl Byers, F-Prime Capital

I think we are about to embark on a new age of open healthcare data, where we are finally addressing the long-standing search for patient-mediated interoperability with privacy.

I invest RPA time and open data which is the secret to developing B2B / infrastructure healthcare (Read More).