Who raised to the best of digital health startups in 2019 and why?

10. Collective Health, the USA, San Francisco: digital health insurance tool for employers.

Ironically, the last startup on our list is also a start-up insurance company from America. Collective health allows employers to develop and implement care plans, monitor their expenses and ensure the health of their employees on one platform. In America, most people take employer-provided insurance and it is therefore only fair to receive a lot of funds from a creative program in this region.

9. Taimei Technology, China, Jiaxing: cloud solutions for clinical trials

Taimei Technology raised $354.1 million in Series D and Series D+ in 2019. They develop cloud-based products for clinical research and pharmaceutical companies.

In general, there are six types of products: logistics solutions, pharmacovigilance, imaging, trial management. Their TrialOS platform combines 20 + tools for different programs such as data collection and management, quality control, recruitment options for participants, etc. Product for Clinical Trial Management uses real-time data flow to enhance and optimize trial operations. The goal of Taimei Technology is to create a seamless R&D process for drug development and clinical trials, and to unite data and operations across healthcare supply chain.

8. PharmEasy, India, Mumbai: an online delivery platform for meds and other care products
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