Why do health professionals expend more time on data entry and infrastructure issues than on patients?

  • Despite the fact that COVID-19 has pushed healthcare organisations to adapt fresh technology, pen and paper still play a significant role in data entry, according to a recent study.

  • According to a recent study of frontline staff, nurses and other caregivers spend more time coping with technological issues and entering data than looking after patients. The survey showed that for employees who said they spend an average of five hours a week on addressing tech issues, tech issues are a big time sink. Every week, sixty-three percent of respondents said that they had a computer or system failure. The survey also showed that 56 percent of the time spent by a frontline employee is accessing and reviewing patient records.

  • Fifty percent said that the new platforms of technology waste time that could be spent supporting patients. Sixty-five said their companies need to invest in improved technologies for a potential health crisis, while a third also said new technology had been adopted by hospitals and other providers to respond to the covid

Anand, SOTI’s vice president of product strategy, said that a mobile device management strategy for tablets, scanners, mobile printers, RFID tags and readers, IoT devices, and phones is required by healthcare organisations.

A management solution to handle all the various technologies is likely to be lacking, so there are a lot of inefficiencies in the way, “he said.” Source