Why is healthcare supply chain management is so complex?

Management of the health supply chain is unique, as each stakeholder has its interests to protect. Different stages can be focused on their own goals in the supply chain flow. Providers may want to use a particular product, while hospital managers want to buy the most affordable quality items. How can this be overcome,What are the ways to manage SCM in healthcare?


Yes its so true! Because supply chain objectives do not always align with an organization, the process of managing the supply chain can not be ineffective and fragmented. Numerous requests and perspectives to be made in the specific product budgets must be taken into account by healthcare organizations.

In the healthcare supply chain management process, patients also have a voice. Healthcare organizations can periodically order and store the right sizes of gloves but, depending on their health status certain patients may need custom medical products.

Providers may also prefer a particular medical brand or type that could lead to cost problems. Most healthcare organizations have succeeded through cost disclosure in supply chain management. Healthcare organizations can better track and handle stocks and build better informed contracts with manufacturers by harnessing price and utilization data.


The reason is that this is a fragmented process. Healthcare supply chain management involves obtaining resources, managing supplies, and delivering goods and services to providers and patients.

delivering different services to different parts is very complex .

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