Why telemedicine and telehealth are important in healthcare system?

Due to the growth of this what-if patient flow to the hospital gets reduced in the future. Many corporate hospitals keep this as a marketing tool to promote the hospital. The benefit is patients can access the service from their place. what is the benefit of other hospitals? why this is considered to be important for the healthcare system?

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There is a benefit for the hospital also. Reducing prolonged travel to get the required treatment lowers the carbon footprint associated with it. Telehealth tools can be used to fix nursing shortages.

Telehealth increases organizational productivity once telehealth services are available on-site or when workers can engage in family member’s appointments remotely, staff can prevent absences from work.

These examples illustrate some improved outcomes and cost savings achieved by telehealth and telehealth programs: by keeping patients stable through daily monitoring, home monitoring of chronic diseases reduces hospital visits by as much as 50%. And there are so many other examples to project its benefits.

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