Why there is a need for public relations officers in hospitals?

There are other managers who take care of hospital functions, then what will be the roll of PRO’s in hospital ? To communicate with public i think receptionist , nurses and doctors are enough to do it far now . But i see hospitals recruiting PRO’s.


Public relation is relatively new service in hospital. Nevertheless, it’s rapid growth in recent years and the fact that many hospitals now have public relations programs and public officer indicate that it has earned an important and permanent place in the hospital set -up.

The importance of and the need for public relations can be appreciated when one considers some of the problem today’s hospital have to contend with -high cost of medical care and the growing public criticism of hospital, problem of delivering quality care at affordable cost, need for efficient and professional management of hospital and increasing involvement of government agencies and consumer protection forums in patient care and internal management of hospital. Different section of public- community, employees, medical staff, patient, visitors, etc. forms their opinion about the hospital according to the source of information .These opinions can be influences by a good public relations programmed.

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