Zyter launches the smart hospital IoT solution

Zyter, Inc., a digital health and IoT-enablement platform based in Rockville, Md, launched Zyter Smart Hospitals, an intelligent end-to-end solution that links the diverse data systems, departments, people, and the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology devices of a hospital on the comprehensive digital communication and collaboration platform of Zyter.

The solution is highly safe, HIPAA compliant, and customisable, according to a company statement. Zyter Smart Hospitals combines monitoring of patient medical devices at the hospital bedside and at home, patient tracking, collaborative contact with the care team, and monitoring and tracking of medical properties across a whole network of linked IoT devices and sensors.

Zyter Smart Hospitals’ main features include:

Hospital Bed Device Monitoring-Improves patient safety and performance by capturing and presenting real-time physiological data to nursing staff from all the different patient-related medical devices.
Mobile Navigation App- For a secure, seamless and more fulfilling patient experience, a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app directs patients with step-by-step directions to hospital locations.
Asset Management-Provides a single platform for enhanced monitoring, control, and protection of all vital medical resources, including medical devices, medications, and vaccines.
Smart Facilities-Ensures smart energy control for lighting, power supply, smart metres, HVAC, and wireless power through transformative technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT.
Patient Tracking-Detects and warns workers to evacuate the emergency room or building exits if a disoriented dementia patient or any flight-risk patient tries to leave.
Patient Monitoring-Allows doctors to monitor the health of patients at home following treatment, resulting in improved results for patients and a decrease in the number of hospital readmissions.

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